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Chiang Mai attracts a lot of tourists and expats, and many of them are location independent workers or digital nomads. You will find many of the working that the numerous great cafes around Chiang Mai. But now there’s a new place in town that offers many of the facilities that digital nomads need. This includes great coffee, co-working space, a meeting room, and even a podcasting room. How cool is that? I haven’t visited this cafe yet, but plan to when I’m next in Chiang Mai, which will probably be in a couple of months time. But it seems to

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Compared to the cost of living in Bangkok, living in Chiang Mai can be pretty cheap. A 1-bed condo can cost half what it costs in Bangkok, so that is one of the major savings. And even though it’s a fairly small town compared to Bangkok, it will have everything you need. The city center is small enough to get around on foot, and even if you need to us a songthaew (open back truck), you can get most places for $1 or less. When I stayed in Chiang Mai a while back, my total costs came to around $1,300,

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