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Many expats that come to Thailand to either work or set up a business. And Thailand is a great place for both. There are lots of opportunities here, and if you need to work here to fund your stay, then you are bound to find something that suits you. As mentioned in the learn Thai post, I’d strongly advise that you start learning Thai as soon as you get here, as that will give you a head start in the job market. So, what jobs are available for expats in Thailand? The job that most expats have in Thailand is

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If you are planning to live in Thailand for the long-term, I would strongly recommend that you learn to speak Thai. As well as learning to speak Thai, I’d also suggest learning to read and write Thai. Thai can be a difficult language to learn for Westerners, as it’s a tonal language that us Westerners aren’t used to. This is why many English-speaking Westerners that move here just don’t bother. In the major cities you can easily get by with English, so why bother? Well, there are numerous reasons that you should make the effort, and here are just the

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People often ask me how much it costs to live in Bangkok, but this is a little like asking how long a piece of string is. Many Bangkok residents earn under 9,000 baht ($300) a month and they manage to live here on that. Whether you’d also be happy to live here with only that amount to spend is something else altogether. At the other end, there are people that live here that spend $5,000 a month just to rent their condo. So both extremes are possible. Accommodation What I’ll do here is go over my own spending, as that

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